Organic CMS is excited to provide a product that is superior and ever changing just like the world wide web. Our organic CMS has been developed so that search engine optimization and easy website design and maintenance can now co-exist and complement each other. The content CMS allows for the administrator to give privileges to various users depending on the accessibility they need to do their jobs. The template system we offer makes programming much simpler and has been created with OOP (object-oriented programming) for greatest optimization.

With organic CMS users are able to create, edit website features, and delete news postings or pages as needed and the system also allows for online documentation and archives. It also has a tinyMCE rich-text editor known as a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. 

Our CMS also features a modular plugin and extension system that assigns various privileges based on the administrator’s desires. With this system the administrator and the users can add content or graphics to only certain parts of each webpage based on said privileges. The installation is easy with step-by-step instructions and all CMS updates are visible on the administrative homepage. Contact us now to learn more about what Organic CMS can do for you and your business.